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Some other facts
What is Deforestation?
How and why is deforestation happening?
What are the consequenses?
Some other facts
What can we do?

Did you Know??

  • Every year a huge 12 million hectares of forests are being cleared!! That is around the size of 12 million of our school ovals!!   


  • Deforestation is said to be "one of the most pressing land-use problems." according toThe World Resources Institute.


  • every minute, an area of forest that is around the size of 20 of our school ovals is destroyed!!


  • Because of deforestation, now only 21 percent of the earths land surface consists of forests that are indigenous. Also, because of South Africas climate, Now only less than 0.5 percent of South Africa's land surface consists of indigenous forests. This means that we really need to be careful on how much wood and paper we use.


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