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How and why is deforestation happening?

What is Deforestation?
How and why is deforestation happening?
What are the consequenses?
Some other facts
What can we do?

  Why do people cause Deforestation?

There is a growing number of people in the world. That means that more food is needed; therefore more forests are being destroyed to make way for agriculture. Also, more people need wood to make furniture, houses, and many more everyday things.  This means that there is more commercial logging going on, and sometimes the trees are not grown back.  People also may light bushfires on purpose, to clear the land. The fire is bad for the Ozone layer. It is also destroying the trees. In Australia bushfires are very common because of the temperature. 
Natural Bushfires can be good for the environment in the long term. They are needed so that certain seeds that germinate and can grow. They also help to keep the wild animal population under control. This means that after some time, all of these trees and plants would die, and they would not grow back. Natural bush fires are not classified as deforestation because of the fact that they help the enviroment.

Penny and Ella 2006